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Free Photo Editing Tools and Web Services

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Free Web Services for Website making and photo editing.

I always wanted to have a homepage wherein everything I see is usually the things I always enjoy searching and visiting on the net. I thought about it for quite some time and found out that among the many search queries, what I like most about the advantages of the World Wide Web are the FREE stuff it offers.

Just like my Website. It is powered by WEBS for free. It offers very useful features with many template designs to choose from. You don't need expertise about HTML and CSS scripts because with their WEBS site builder, you can customize your site according to your desire.

I have tried and made several personal homepage using Microsoft Frontpage HTML and uploaded it to Yahoo Geocities or use free web services of Bravenet but I always end up deleting it because I am not satisfied with my content and web traffic.

Later, I enjoyed using the Multiply free blogs until I discovered Blogspot. Among the free blog sites, I pick Blogspot as number 1 not only because there are many available free blogspot templates on the net but also I have the freedom to add scripts within my page. They are not that strict as compared to Multiply.

Other free web sites I'm using is the Dot.tk. It is a site offering shortcut for your original web address. The original web address of my homepage is http://kristinadems.webs.com since it is longer and difficult to remember, I am only using http://www.tinadems.tk which will redirect you to the same site. It's like that I've paid for my own personal domain.  Before, when somebody ask me about what "tk" means, I used to tell them that it's "tinakyut" (tina cute) but it's actually a free domain offered on the net.

This is made from Photoshop.  My Photo Editing Collections can be seen in my website

Advance Technology is making things possible and easier even if you don't have the required skill to do the task. Unlike before that I have to spend a lot of time for photo manipulation using Photoshop and other photo editing software to add additional designs to my favorite pictures but now, there are a lot of Free Photo Editing Websites available in the internet requiring only your registration. Photo editing tools are made very easy with step by step instruction and different features to choose from. You don't need to know any basic Photoshop elements to crop your picture, add frames, blacken red eye, convert colored to black & white, filter, sharpen and so on.

1. Picnik - makes your photos wonderful with easy to use yet powerful editing tools. Squeeze to your heart's desire and get creative with special effects, fonts, shapes and frames.

2. Fotoflexer - make stunning effects in your photos for free in your web browser

3. piZap – It’s a fun drag and drop photo elements in your photo

4. Editor.pho.to - Turn your photos into a digital artwork

5. BeFunky- efficient image enhancement and add artistic effects

6. Fun Photo Box - Funny Photo Effects and GIF animation.  I'm in the cover of alien magazine.

7. Photo Funia - It's an easy upload and choose effect photo design

Though, effects that you want may be limited as compared to those who know Photoshop but it is still very helpful because without any sweat and any expenses, you can enhance your favorite photos. Photo Editing makes photos more interesting because it's like incorporating your feelings with it.


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